CS Smart combines analyses and advice to help leaders and organizations identify opportunities, create meaningful change, and achieve their most important goals.


Potentiate societal
and technological changes


Rethink your services
in an omnichannel world


Design and drive
an engaging customer experience


Facilitate the adoption
of new uses



Behavioral Change & Nudging

Our consulting solutions provide everything you need to alter even deep-set behaviors in a wide range of target groups.
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Crisis Management

we will equip you to implement responses in a planned and rational manner that shows your organization is up to the challenge of any crisis it may face.
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Customer Analytics

We have the expertise and tools to provide consulting solutions that fit the bill when it comes to customer analytics.
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Innovation & Creation

we are ideally positioned to bring new ways of creative thinking to your organization which will help you to bring forward much of the innovation that is already going on behind the scenes.
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Management Coaching

We are ideally equipped to bring new management coaching ideas to your organization whether you are looking for a project that only involves your board of directors or every manager within the entire enterprise.
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Public Communication & Policy

we have the know-how to help your leverage modern behavior communication and transformation techniques, such a nudge theory, to improve your policy roll out.
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Territorial Market

If you want to test the performance of your brand in several territories and even overseas, then consider the CS Smart approach.
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Our Solutions

Our business analytics solutions are able to fully leverage big data for better decision making
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We provide the tools necessary to track behaviors in the digital realm which offer a 360° view of all the digital routes take to and from your websites
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We have a built a strategy that identifies the pain points that come with many approaches to employee engagement & provide practical solutions
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Our Solutions are ideal for measuring retail performance, testing new products with target audiences and providing path-to-purchase data
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We have the know-how to leverage all of the tools needed to provide your enterprise with the market intelligence analysis it needs.
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We offer systems which will place performance management metrics at the forefront of you management reporting procedures.
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We have the expertise and the tools to help you analyze everything you need in the often fast-moving world of social media.
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